Born to teach to drink healthy and natural

Our wines are the result of a passion for the land handed down from father to son. For generations we follow and we take care of our vineyards each day to ensure consistent quality in harmony with the uniqueness of the Salento. Our farm extends for several hectares in Racale feud (Le), owned by our family for about 120 years. This allowed us to protect a species now extinct grape: Moscato Bianco wild, of which we are the only manufacturers in the area.

Our philosophy is based on absolute principles such as the deep respect for nature and for its time. Our products follow, in fact, the natural times of maturation and processing. Traditional methods inherited from our ancestors, we have added a new generation production and conservation techniques with the aim of increasing the already high quality of our grapes and our wines. In our cellar we follow a natural winemaking, authentic, with a constant temperature control. The uniqueness of our wines comes from a special and profound daily care of the plant and continues with the creation of a superior product in limited quantity, just to ensure and preserve the excellence. Among the special features that distinguish our production we mention the fermentation in the clear, a rare technique, which allows to obtain the highest quality products.

Born to teach to drink healthy and natural ...




Farm Debora Lannocca
Via Indipendenza (Ang. Via Mandoli-Rino)
73055 Racale (Lecce)

info tel: +39 328 70 52 409

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(+99) 987 654 321


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